lazily posting my tweets here too because I can’t be bothered to retype and sweet samosa I cannot say this enough.

  • me: *bumps into a British person*
  • British person: sorry
  • Me: You're 67 years late
  • British person: what
  • me: *walks away putting on my shades as jana gana mana plays in the background*
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Anonymous said: I love you.

I probably love you too.

laverne cox poses with a fan, oitnb mexico premiere july 17, 2014

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2001 ”JLo” album promo shoot

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I told my sister about this blazer I really wanted but didn’t get because it was £70 and I couldn’t justify it to myself at the time. and she said she really liked it too and asked if she would mind if she got it, and then felt bad and was like - because there’s a bit of give either way in between our sizes - she’ll get it for both of us, but mainly me. and then she got it like, in her size instead of in the middle, so it’s basically perfect on her and a little oversized, more of a jacket on me. and she decided she felt bad because I wanted it originally and did this whole, here, take it as a present thing, but blatantly after the return/exchange date had passed. and I still want it so badly, but in my size, and it’s just such a waste. do I sound ungrateful? like, this felt more selfish than other instances, but she does it all the time, this whole, I’m-going-to-get-you-something-you-want-but-not-really-because-I-know-better. like when I gave in to her offering to buy this top I wanted, and clearly stated I wanted it oversized and specified the size - and that there was no return policy - and she got it fitted because she “thought it would look nicer”.

Two Linen Handkerchiefs by Jane Hirshfield is the best poem I’ve ever read on death/grief, and probably ever will read, tbh.

I always say I would never get a tattoo because I just don’t like the thought of them on me, and if I had to, I’d be more inclined to get something completely ridiculous because I’d much rather potentially regret something I can laugh over than something once special that lost meaning/had a new, maybe negative association. like, I felt weirdly attached to the temporary tattoo of a hot dog and fries I put on my side boob a couple of months ago. but semi-seriously, I actually don’t think I would mind getting my own name somewhere. and seriously, I think about getting “siphon and reservoir” done somewhere a lot. I wouldn’t for a number of reasons: I don’t know how I feel about being like, “I have a Jeff Buckley lyric tattoo”, I don’t like the idea of personalising something like a song that was personal to the singer and written for someone specifically, I don’t want a tattoo in the first place…

but yeah, at a push, it’s always that. which is funny because I have this thing about how much I actually can’t stand a lot of his lyrics, and I think I’d be okay with having one permanently on my skin? something about it is so right though. I don’t know what it is, but that bit in Morning Theft has always - y’know?

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