ISLAMABAD: At least two protestors including a woman were reportedly killed and hundreds others were injured in a violent riot control operation to disperse the marchers of Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf outside Prime Minister House, Samaa reported. “Police fired tear gas and rubber bullets on the protesters attempting to stage a sit-in in front of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s official residence”, an official said.
Minhaj.ORG: Blood & tears as riots roar in ‘Red Zone’ (via minhajian)
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Update pakistan; 
1. They are stopping people from giving blood to protestors who are bleeding out
2. They are forcing doctors not to report number of deaths and injuries
3. They have hit people with real steel bullets instead of rubber one’s
4. They are sending severely injured people home without giving them proper treatment

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I want support for ugly girls and lazy girls and girls that can’t ever get their eyeliner right. I want feminism that includes girls who are too big or too black to be on body positive blogs. 

I want girls with acne scars and girls who don’t “pass” and girls with facial hair. I want girls who are, in fact, man hating lesbians. I want poor girls.

I need the girls who never took a course in gender studies but who still know the way that society treats them is bullshit. 

It doesn’t feel like a revolution when we’re only showing more of the same, when we only raise up the voices of some women.

I need to do better. We all need to do better. 

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Anonymous said: i totally agree on that jon stewart post but do you think it's his fault he's getting all that credit or just his privilege? i mean would it be better if he didn't say anything at all? people should stop glorifying him and give actual poc the means to speak but imo he's not the one to blame for the racism in media and in general (unless he's done other shitty things i don't know about)



there was a great post here some time ago which perfectly summed up the way i feel abt both the daily show and colbert report (tho i get the feeling that colbert isn’t as fucking obnoxious. then again isn’t he?? i might not be the best judge here since i am speaking from a non-american side-line observer perspective), which is that they both captialize and benefit from the very things they cast their satirical stones @ in their shows. their shows would have no place for existence if it weren’t for the horrible state of american politics, republicans, classim, racism, bigotry etc present in the society. they’d be without job. hence my use of “parasitic”. they do nothing to even scratch the surface of the status quo, more than that, they actively uphold it and benefit from it, while at the same time acting like these horrible white men they make fun of are nothing like themselves. they’re part of a narrative they mock and they at the same time distance themselves from it and cash in on it. i believe the term here is “limousine liberals”. and as far as jon stewart is concerned, i once saw someone describe him as a court jester meaning that he provides the laugh, the comic relief and a comfortable liberal washing the hands off of the terrible state of things, which i think is very accurate. he literally makes money on pretending he’s one of the good guys via superficial satire. plus, he’s a piece of shit, ya know? amongst other things i’m sure ppl could give u examples of — he’s anti-union, classist, he’s self-righteous and conceited. check this out (from 2010 but i doubt he’s changed his views since then):

GROSS: Now, some people are worried. There’s a big AFL-CIO liberal march, there’s the FFL, the NAACP, a whole bunch of groups. Some people worry that your march is going to take away from their, like, serious political march.

STEWART: Right, yeah. Tough shit.

GROSS: Why do you say that?

Mr. STEWART: I have a job. I don’t have to do yours. I don’t have to do their job. Let them do their job. If their job is to motivate the voters and to rally people to their cause, God bless. Do whatever you’ve got to do. But that’s not my job. My job is to, again, express our point of view comedically about what we view as the political process.

You know, I don’t I have no obligation to the Democrats or progressives or liberals or unions. Our feeling is, corruption is corruption. If a union is corrupt, you can’t leave it alone because it’s a union, and they help so that 8-year-olds don’t work in factories anymore. You know, you have to go where you feel like the absurdity is. So we’re not anybody’s we’re not warriors in their cause. And if they’re upset, they should have thought of that, you know, the past couple of years, before they lost, you know, the momentum that they had gained in 2008.

wow. sounds like a calculated asshole, right? that’s prolly cause he is one. and what the fuck that does even mean? "My job is to, again, express our point of view comedically about what we view as the political process." B/c it sounds like, “I don’t really give a shit abt actively participating in changing the state of things since i am way to comfortable on my high horse here making big bucks on just ~~laughing abt it~~” like correct me if i’m wrong but he gives off a vibe of a dude who wears a fedora ironically and secretly enjoys the big bang theory.

i hate him so much.

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this is the most important thing on the internet today

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no one’s saying it’s bad that jon stewart is telling people about racism, it’s not bad that white people are hearing jon stewart say it as a white person, but it is worth criticizing and thinking critically about the implications of it. and it is important to be bringing up the pattern of white people only ever trusting the supposedly “unbiased” white man talk about / validate the notion that poc are experiencing racism. just like we should be critical of how some people exclusively trust (especially white) men taking feminist perspectives because they assume it’s objective and factual from a man and irrational and unreasonable from women..

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I’m just bored and sceptical as hell of white people who reblog and retweet Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the regular, but think the people of colour (particularly Black people) who write the content they parrot and take credit for are too sensitive, irrational, and aggressive. 

esotericcoteries replied to your post “omg, so maybe it’s different because I knew the drama that would…”

love Luis’ optimistic “what could go wrong?” followed immediately by Paul: “so much could go wrong.”

that bit made me crack up. also Mary Berry’s blatant disdain with everyone’s inventive suggestions as the judges are going around. 

omg, so maybe it’s different because I knew the drama that would unfold/melt all over the table, but the editing was so hammy. like, I could feel the tension and was on edge waiting for it to happen, but every five seconds, it was like,

it’s the hottest day of the year

the worst thing that could happen is the ice cream not setting

let’s hope nobody’s melts

I watched all the episodes of this season of GBBO last night, and I’m so disappointed. that was the most anti-climatic thing I’ve ever witnessed. everyone made it seem like Diana didn’t apologise once when the first thing she said was clearly, “sorry Iain, it’s right here”, and yeah, the you’ve got your own freezer thing was rude, but I was under the impression the word sorry was never said once? and it was? even then, his ice cream was nowhere near set before, and the amount of time it would have been in the freezer would only chill it, especially considering it was packed in with the others. I also thought Iain must have been a really great contestant in order for it to seem so ridiculous that he got sent home, but he’s clearly been at the lower end of the contestants since the beginning. I think Norman should have gone home instead, definitely, but unless Iain would have done incredibly this coming episode, he probably would have gone home after this one. I feel so bad for him, but it just wasn’t what I thought. also I thought it would be super dramatic and everyone posted photos of him where I thought he was crying, but apparently that’s just his face. he took it really well, that was sweet. Mary Berry was lovely to him at the judging panel.

anyway, I really love everyone left minus Diana (not because of icecream/bingate even though did make me gasp) and Norman. I feel so proud of Martha, and Chetna, Kate and Nancy are adorable. Richard’s a sweetheart and I love the pencil, and I feel like Luis knows his flavours so well. I did get irritated that people made comments about Chetna doing Indian flavours too much, but practically every week Luis references how his Spanish heritage has influenced his chosen bake, but he seems super talented. 


did some good tweets today i think

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whatever makes you happy and that, but you can make a post about an issue you feel strongly about without sending yourself an anonymous message pretending to be an angry stranger in order to gain notes because you totally shut that person down~

I don’t doubt the level of toxicity people are capable of putting in inboxes, but some are like…wow that message was so conveniently worded, huh?