Apr 20

I have the worst sore throat I’ve had in three years, so I’m gonna continue to lie in bed and spill lemsip down myself. hope you’re all having a good weekend, whether you’re celebrating Easter or not. x

Apr 19

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Geek boys don’t want women to enjoy the same hobbies as them because if we do they have to admit that their hobbies aren’t the reason women don’t want them.

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trying is the most important thing. it’s okay.

trying is the most important thing. it’s okay.

Apr 18




I’m such a sucker for saree ads or any desi clothing (esp featuring women looking away from the camera, like in here!) 

I’m such a sucker for saree ads or any desi clothing (esp featuring women looking away from the camera, like in here!) 

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in my experience, white people love white people jokes, but it’s a very particular type of white people joke where it’s more like “look at me implicitly affirming my “otherness” by acknowledging your whiteness” as opposed to “white people, no.” y’know? you say things like, “white people” at a gathering where someone blasts Taylor Swift and the PoC (if you’re not the only one) are outnumbered in the room, and they love it. like, I think it makes them feel like they’re in on something with you and super progressive for being able to laugh at themselves, only no, because it stops the second you casually explicitly drop a joke that exposes the screw-ups. they laugh “with” you laughing at how they can’t take spicy food, but you’re out of line when you get into the spice trade, colonisation, reframing the way we look at foreign cuisine in popular culture to suit their palates etc. they’re okay with being the deserving butt of the joke, but on their terms. and it just makes me incredibly sceptical of a lot of white people who laugh along, because if I make a white people joke, I sure as hell don’t do it so you can use it as evidence of how down with me you are. 

it reminds me of when I’d make jokes related to being Indian in secondary school, not self-deprecating or aimed at others, but as shared expressions of shared experiences. and the white girls who laughed along were the same ones who couldn’t take being called out, and I’m sure people laughing at you when you think they’re laughing with you sucks, but there are few things that unnerve me more than people laughing at you who think themselves they’re laughing with you.

Anonymous asked: but those are like internet groupie stories? every rock musician has those. is there like a case against him or a person that actually came forth to accuse him? thanks for answering, google isn't helping me!



no, there isn’t a legal case against him

but no, ‘every’ rock musician does not have stories like those. and maybe the ones that do are rapists????

like, i believe those girls. if you don’t you can fuck off

#jared leto————-#they were warning each other#it is a well known thing in groupie circles that he is a creepy fuck#if that is not good enough for you then unfollow me?#if you dont understand why teenage girls are reluctant to publicly accuse a famous dude but will warn each other on internet forums#then#fuck the fuck off bye

“[T]here are female Conservative MPs who are happy to call themselves feminists. Why, they even wear T-shirts saying that they’re feminists, just so that we know. I saw a photo of Theresa May wearing one, right, and on the front, it said, ‘This is what a feminist looks like.’ And on the back of her one, it said, ‘Not really! I’m a Tory!’ And then underneath that, it said, ‘I axed the Health In Pregnancy Grant. I closed Sure Start Centres.’ That one had a smiley face next to it. ‘I cut child benefit and slashed tax credits. I shut down shelters for battered wives and children. I cut rape counselling and legal aid.’ Winking face. ‘I closed down all twenty-three specialist domestic violence courts. I cut benefits for disabled children. I tried to amend the Abortion Act so that women received one-to-one abortion counselling from the Pope before they go ahead with it. LOL.’ The back is much longer than the front, by the way. It’s a tailcoat, basically. The new Tory feminists are wearing tailcoats.” — Bridget Christie, episode 2 of Radio 4’s Bridget Christie Minds The Gap (via stalungrad)

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