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England and Canada love to use America as their scapegoat to hide all the terrible racism happening in their countries

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I think the reason I can’t stand competitiveness is because it’s nearly always in the immediate and way too close to home. I don’t mind it when there’s a sense of anonymity for something big, like, you don’t know the thousands of other job applicants you’re up against or whatever, but I find it so toxic when it exists in personal relationships. like, how low does your self-esteem have to be to need to prove yourself and constantly one-up the other person in what should be a healthy relationship? which I think is it, like, when you set up a sense of competition with a friend, you’re ultimately saying that you can’t fail in front of them, or to them. and there’s enough of that outside; you have to be the best you can be to a point that’s almost painful when it comes to the academic or vocational - if you’re not incredibly lucky and have access to something you love - and why would you want that in a friend too? I mean, after a build-up of pressure, I want people who won’t perceive things as failures in the first place, or weaknesses they can be smug about in comparison to themselves. the second you take it to the private sphere it just becomes so petty.


also on american tv everyone treats prom like it’s so important and magical, and in the UK we just have end-of-year discos, with all the glamour that implies

ppl show up for half an hour and then disappear to get drunk in the car park of a morrison’s, like it’s not a milestone

#I feel robbed of the american high school experience tbh#we don’t even rly have jocks#everyone’s too pasty to rly be called a jock

right?! and cheerleaders exist here but it’s more like, after school clubs and even then it’s not synonymous with being popular or anything. I want a science class where you partner up with your crush and find out you have to dissect a frog in one of those silver trays and someone at the back yells out that theirs is alive. and one of those home ec classes where two of you have to pretend a sack of flour or egg is your baby. and a tannoy system through which people get sent to the headteacher’s office and everyone gasps and mocks them. and those vented lockers where people slip notes.


sugababes appreciation post


sugababes appreciation post

y’know how anglophiles have this totally misjudged and incorrect version of how people in england live and grew up? did anyone in the usa actually have that sort of upbringing where you go camping with your friends when you’re nine and catch fireflies, and use tyre swings hanging over creeks, and play catch with your dad wearing a baseball glove, and sometimes he takes you to baseball games? and like, on weekends you go to an arcade or skatepark and wonder how you’re gonna ask that person to the dance, and your driveway has a basketball hoop attached to the garage door? and you play spin the bottle at birthday parties held in decorated basements and babysit your neighbours’ kids and help the elderly lady next door carry in her groceries in those impractical brown paper bags? 

I’m so slow at doing these things, so this is way overdue. thank-you to fideliterflorae for tagging me! I’m meant to tag eleven more people and come up with some questions but…like, feel free to answer these anyway.

1. Top 3 pizza toppings?
olives, jalapeños, and spinach, but if I don’t feel like jalapeños then extra tomatoes.

2. What’s one goal you’ve set for yourself this year?
figuring out consistency.

3. Favourite 90s sitcom or cartoon?
Hey Arnold!, Pepper Ann, Daria, Sister Sister, Kenan & Kel, Boy Meets World, and The Powerpuff Girls. there’s no way I can pick one.

4. What was the last thing you gave to someone?
I gave my sister a bobby pin a few hours ago. I feel like I should have a grander answer but it is what it is?

5. A book you read in school that positively shaped you.
to be honest, none of the books I read in school were particularly affecting in that way, and the ones that were I didn’t read until university, and I’d already read them which is why I signed up to do those modules. I liked a couple but they didn’t really influence me like that. 

6. Favourite lyric.
I don’t have one that really sticks out above all else. I feel like I could make a huge post of all the lyrics I really love but they’re all pretty much equal. I also feel like I’m not giving any solid answers so now I’m going through my iTunes and trying to find any I really love. “speed your love to me” from Unchained Melody. that.

7. What’s the nicest thing someone’s done for you?
we had some relatives/family friends staying over a couple of summers ago and I’d never met one of them before, and it was the night before I left london to start university and she knocked on my door and gave me all this advice and wished me luck. it was just really sweet because we barely knew each other and she didn’t have to say anything more than something simple and polite the next morning, and not even that.

8. If you could relive one day in your life, what would it be?
any day I was happy from start to finish and surrounded by friends. in a bizarre situation, at home curled up and watching a movie, whatever. 

9. What was the last thing that made you laugh really hard?
I’m making lasagne for dinner tonight and wanted to chop and grate everything in advance, except I have a mild allergy to certain raw fruits, vegetables, and nuts, so I found my mum’s hair-dyeing gloves and wore those to chop the carrots. and they looked so ridiculous. and then I squeezed my hands shut and they made the ugliest sound and I was gone.

10. Title of your autobiography.

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11. If you had one superpower, what would it be? Elaborate.
healing. like, healing extraordinarily quickly from wounds, relieving pain for myself and other people. I’m terrified at the thought of like, prolonged extreme pain, and I know the majority of people aren’t exactly queueing up to be hurt but the idea of sustaining injuries and that makes me want to hide under the floorboards for a few hours and weep. and if I lived in a world where people had superpowers, it’d probably be really extreme, and the world is now anyway, so. I don’t know how to fix everything, but I think the next best thing is easing what’s difficult as much as possible. people are always gonna go through physical pain, whether it’s chronic discomfort because of real-life conditions or because someone with laser eyes had bad aim.

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as much as I love “cinnamon apple”, can we please stop pretending it’s replaced, “best friend…confidant…silly rabbit”? there’s enough room for both in my heart.


and that is why feminism needs to focus less on media representation and more on social/economic policies that damages women and children because you end up feminists who are more outraged about a woman whose cellulite is being mocked but not outraged about that same woman supporting a destructive regime that is literally kills women and children 

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im really tired of europeans on here reblogging posts about racism in america and adding shocked disapproving comments like “get it together america lol” as if there isn’t an enormous amount of racism in europe and as if it wasn’t the europeans that first colonized the new world that planted the seed of racism in north america

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critiques of socialist states based on the idea of a “cult of personality” are fascinating to me in that it manages to ignore the fact the united states desecrated a sacred mountain to carve four of their presidents faces into it, as well as creating a six-star general rank just so george washington would always be the highest ranked general in the u.s. armed forces.

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anais mali for dolce & gabbana skincare the vision: image of beauty


anais mali for dolce & gabbana skincare
the vision: image of beauty

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People in Ferguson Still Need Help!

This website contains a wealth of useful information on ways to help the people in Ferguson, how you can organize and participate locally, and helps to spread the word and keep the message strong. 

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