I like the idea of being like, “anonymously ask me anything you want to know about me” because if I get something I don’t want to answer I can just ignore it. but then I don’t know who then knows I ignored it. but I do want anons? they don’t have to be questions about me though, you can tell me something about you.

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  • White People: *back flips over actual KKK members*
  • White People: *moonwalks past real neo-nazi blogs*
  • White People: *goes into PoCs inbox*
  • White People: You're whats keeping racism alive
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 উনিশে এপ্রিল Unishe April (1994)

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Cookie decorating for the mendhi (my hands are slowly dying from piping for so long) ☺️😩

Okay so I just finished piping 90 of these in pink and orange (yes 90). Packed them in plastic bags with curled ribbon on top! My hands are officially dead. 

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I’m good at setting myself small tasks and going through with them, actually. like, piano failed, ice skating failed, painting failed, uni didn’t fail but pretty much in stark contrast to what I thought I’d achieve when I started. long term stuff that takes commitment and practise is difficult for me, so it’s nice having tiny accomplishments that probably ultimately mean very little other than I tried to do the thing and then I did the thing. I gave myself a week to learn every country in the world and I did it in four days. I knew thirteen US state capitals yesterday and decided I’d be learn them all by Sunday, and today I can name all fifty. I just need to figure out how to apply it to other stuff. but for what it’s worth, like, by next Sunday I want to know every country’s capital in the world.

  • question you need to ask yourself: is this runway photoset full of beautiful dresses or just mediocre body sacks with lots of swirly metallic patterns and chiffon?

I feel like a lot of this apathy towards blatantly inhumane events comes from this really tempting need to disassociate yourself - and your responsibility in turn - from things you know are shameful. there are certain events in history that are disgusting beyond comprehension, and when you accept people can be brutalised to that extent, you have to accept your capability to do that. only it’s uncomfortable and easier to do so in hindsight where you can throw up excuses that absolve you - supposedly - because of the lack of direct participation.

the benchmark for, “should I care?” goes from an objective understanding of what’s happening to how strongly you feel you’re responsible for it, which is light-years away in a society that’ll assure you it’s not your problem if you aren’t targeted, if you don’t relate to the affected community because of your upbringing and identity, if you’re not personally linked to the aggressor whether through generational differences or cultural divides, etc. 

and it’s bullshit. this idea that using the power you have is inherently useless and a sign of some faraway lofty idea that you can change the world~ or whatever exaggerated goal people use to invalidate what you’re doing. because countering “it’s not my problem” isn’t some useless and ultimately naive attempt to blame everyone in sight, it’s a call to how lucky you are - and I mean luck, pure chance - that you happen to be so much of an outsider you can afford to turn your back and look the other way. but it’s definitely you that deserves coddling and shielding, right?

you end up with this feigned shock in retrospect that people could be that way, and nobody’s really surprised. I think everyone knows that immediate neutrality is the new understanding, because what’s nuanced about anger and messiness? genuine care and concern isn’t respectable because nobody respects what you’re cared about. but they’ll get angry at you for not being quiet, and that’s okay. you need to be taken down a few pegs until you’re vindicated far enough into the future for people to wipe their hands of the situation.

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*sprints for 40 miles*

*squat thrusts through a brick wall*

*ascends to a higher plane of existence*

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………..Kim K game getting a lil too real….. 

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