Sophia Kelly by Jessie Lily Adams for Wonderland September/October 2013

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I’ve been consistent with my water drinking and skincare regime these past few weeks, only my hayfever was the rudest it has ever been a couple days ago, and I was out so had to make do with barely balmed tissues all day. and now my nose has just submitted to my usual levels of general crustiness. it’s okay because if you focus on the middle of my face and draw back, I do actually get progressively less reptilian, but for now.

for now I’m gonna have a bowl of leftover biryani and maybe some mango pulp. this is the latest gif that speaks to me:


This happened. And I asked him a question Omg.




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i sometimes question what we consider ‘eurocentric features’ when it comes to PoC. Like i get that people (even myself) consider things like slender noses, light colored eyes, straight long hair, and lighter skin in some ways ‘eurocentric’ but its like there are plenty PoC have those features naturally and have had them forever. It makes me feel weird when I hear people say things like ‘oh jourdan dunn is a top model right now because she has eurocentric features, she looks like a white girl with dark skin’ or ‘beyonce/rihanna/any light skin wit light eyes fits eurocentric beauty standards’ even though i totally understand and agree (on the surface any way because yes we know whites favor those features as opposed to other features PoC have) but its like i wonder who decided that these features where eurocentric? 

especially when there are european people who don’t have light eyes and straight hair and slender noses, heck some of them don’t even have light skin and are considered ‘tan’ or ‘swarthy’. 

like who decided those types of features belong to white people so much that they should always be associated with whiteness even tho not all white people look like that and there are so many PoC  who have had those features for just as long as white people (not even talking about mixed poc)

idk it boggles my mind. 

like who started that?

I was thinking about this the other day a lot. I get so annoyed when people say someone has eurocentric features, when really what they have are features that fit the white standard of beauty. but most people have gotten into this very gross habit of applying narrow/thin features and looser hair textures with white people; esp black americans, bc I think we have a very narrow view of what other black people look like and we tend to think our features are universal, and when other black people in the diaspora don’t have those, we other them and tell them they look like other races/ethnicities 

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oh, and btw

if I take a really long time to reply to a compliment on here, like, a message or post comment, it’s not because I’m ignoring you or anything, I just crumple at the sweetness and take forever to come up with a response that adequately sums up how happy it made me without sounding like I wanna lean over your shoulder and just rub my face on yours.

I woke up from a nap and realised my mum made biryani for dinner, and now I’m having a white chocolate magnum, and my sister gave me three nail polishes albeit ones she didn’t like after buying on impulse, and my heart feels like this.


i didn’t think they’d actually use the quote but they did


i didn’t think they’d actually use the quote but they did

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R.I.P. Gabriel García Márquez (1927 - 2014).

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New Trailer: ‘Orange Is the New Black' Season 2 - June 6

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Anonymous asked: I would like to take you out to dinner. Please see 2 Kings 2:11. This is the kind of thing you can expect. I will wait for your call.

This is why you don’t give your housemates your tumblr.

Go to bed, Laura.

I just feel like turquoise is the hardest colour to put across. turquoise jewellery. is this aesthetic sparkling mermaid emerging from crisp lagoon, or grandmother in m&s finding some comfortable per una slacks and a dairy milk purple wraparound shirt for the office party? we’ll never know.

I said to the sun, ‘Tell me about the big bang.’ The sun said, ‘it hurts to become.’
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