my questions for anta-racrocusleaf, flannery-culphoneysloughs​, morrigan-disapprovesthesecretwordisbosco, pepper-coast esotericcoteries, alchera, howdoyouspellcoconut, mariama93, wangyibing, sweetestkelewele, and itshotintheclubgurl are:

1. is there a particular cosmetic product for you (like a perfume or shampoo or lotion) that has really strong memories attached to its scent, e.g: a person or a particular place or day?

2. what is your morning routine on an average day?

3. what is your favourite time of year? (be as specific as you want)

4. what’s a time where you’ve felt deliriously happy (no substances involved)?

5. what’s the most outrageous belief you had about where you’d be at the age you are now, when you were a little kid? 

6. is there a lyric that really struck you with how much you relate to it? what is it? (if you don’t mind sharing.)

7. what’s the most important thing you’ve learned since you turned eighteen?

8. is there a way you would you like to be thought of in terms of your style and personality? 

9. are you comfortable with vulnerability?

10. what’s the most trouble you got in at school before the age of sixteen?

11. is there anything incredibly specific that you have an interest in? like, a historical figure, or a particular phenomenon, or a craft? 

this is one of those ask-11-questions-tag-people things, but in my experience, thinking up questions and tagging is really difficult. I actually really felt like doing this though, so if anyone wants to do the same, the rules are under the cut as well as my answers to anta-ra's questions, who is beautiful and smart in ways beyond compare, including the ability to think of questions that require serious brain power. (and obvs you don't have to do this at all if you already have/you don't want to.)


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finally watched the latest episode of HTGAWM. I really want to like Rebecca - like, I’m trying - but it’s so hard. I feel like the cuts to the all the scenes in the future/that night where she’s with Wes are meant to do something like indicate she’s trustworthy and nice, but it just highlights this really stark comparison between her as we know her now and whatever we’re meant to think of her then. she doesn’t come across as understandably guarded, she just seems hostile. I feel like maybe I’m being unfair because I can see she’s probably a genuine and lovely person, but it’s like they’re trying to create a character who’s sort of enigmatic and closed off for reasons yet to be revealed, or already implied, but she really just seems rude. it’s like they’re doing too little to balance out or explain her attitude, and it’s even more noticeable considering how puppy-like wes is.


What a privilege, to be able to learn for fun the languages that our parents and grandparents were beaten for speaking.

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Jessica Lange, 1979

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Older guys who make a big deal out of girls turning 18 genuinely terrify me. Like if you’re 35 or some shit and you would totally date or sleep with an 18 year old, you would with a younger girl (maybe even much younger) if it was legal. You don’t care about her emotional maturity or ethical sex or mutual informed consent, you care about not getting in trouble.

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news just in: I have the tiniest mouth in the world.

somebody explain why I’m alone at a Frankie & Benny’s on a Sunday night.

most important hey arnold episodes:

- Downtown As Fruits
- The Little Pink Book
- Field Trip

- Arnold’s Hat
- Stoop Kid
- Helga’s Makeover
- 6th Grade Girls
- Arnold’s Christmas
- Pigeon Man
- Olga Comes Home
- Arnold’s Valentine
- Helga’s Love Potion
- What’s Opera, Arnold?
- Helga’s Show
- The Flood
- School Play
- Love And Cheese
- Helga On The Couch
- Helga’s Masquerade
- Chocolate Boy
- Married
- The Journal (I, II)
- Ghost Bride
- A Day In The Life Of A Classroom

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Anonymous said: could you maybe explain the drag queen thing i dont get it im sorry



drag queens often perform incredibly catty misogynistic stereotypes of womanhood and use a huge amount of misogynistic slurs and transmisogynistic slurs. it’s also incredibly common for drag circles to excuse or actively engage in racism, see Shirley Q Liquor, who wears actual blackface onstage (which RuPaul defended publicly and insisted wasn’t racist). and when RuPaul’s Drag Race was called out by the trans community for frequently using transmisogynistic slurs and then designing a game on the show where the goal was literally to “clock” trans women, the drag community rose to defend him, and he got away with a weak-ass fauxpology. additonally, drag is a performance, so the performers can shed womanhood (particularly the dangerous territory of DMAB womanhood) at will, and do not actually experience misogyny or transmisogyny in any real way. drag culture also often blurs the lines between drag and non-cis genders as a way of excusing transmisogyny, which perpetuates attitudes in queer communities that non-cis genders are performative and therefore to be judged on how “well” they are performed. this often makes cis queer spaces very uncomfortable for trans people; people will openly clock you and comment on your ability to “pass”. I have no problem with drag as a gender expression, or with DMAB people who express femininity, but I have a huge fucking problem with drag culture.


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look how unhappy they are just let them be powerrangers

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it’s not a coincidence that stuff like pakalu papito is still making the rounds. nobody takes South Asians seriously. every country in the category is mixed up with India. people don’t bother learning the differences between the major religions born in those regions, and they definitely don’t bother when that ignorance can be used to further scapegoat Islam and perpetuate Islamophobia. Hinduism’s for white people’s etsy stores and yoga boards on pinterest because who gives a shit about anything sacred when the aesthetics are cute enough to steal. and if it’s not Ganeshji, it’s the complete theft of the swastika to symbolise one of the most heinous elements of world history. compulsory uk education never taught me about the british raj beyond second-hand drivel from queen victoria’s life three years in a row. I had to read kipling before I knew about the Bengal famine of 1769. or any of them.

Indian accents are punchlines. our languages are either ugly, funny, or suspicious sounding, usually all three, apparently. the men are either desexualised to invalidate the idea of genuine attraction on a level that threatens heroic white hetero masculinity, or hypersexualised to justify claims of savage uncontrollable lesser-thans, #clutchyourpearls #whowillsaveus. unless that attention is aimed at anyone marginally lighter than the women, in which case, it’s only proof that even desi men don’t like desi women. but it’s okay to ignore the hand hold between misogyny and racism if it places white women on a pedestal of idolisation. if they’re not too busy rescuing us from ourselves. you can place pretty safe bets on how many americans only mean East Asia when they discuss Asia at any given moments. and how many only mean the North when they discuss India.

literally everything that’s ours is stolen or invaded or ransacked or used against us or - if there’s no “use” for it - completely undermined. we’re all bumbling and ugly and unrefined and subservient and in this weird grey area where nobody seems to give a shit about the nuances and complexities of what we face beyond a, “hey guys, don’t wear bindis, xoxo” reblog or retweet every few months. I’m gonna go eat some aam papad and do my nails now.