people forget that south africa ended apartheid only two decades ago

People also forget that because of that, there are severe anti-white sentiments in South Africa to the point that a lot of the white people there don’t feel safe in their own country

whose country?


Colonists be like


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Surprising Facts About Adolf Hitler


Nothing positive he ever did in his life can ever count for anything considering the millions of innocent dead people. Shocking, I know.

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Man waving a Palestinian flag in Ferguson “because they supported St. Louis.”


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My 1 Year Old Beatboxing Niece

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I’d legit be so conventionally attractive in a desi-model-who-makes-it-big-in-the-mid-90s-or-2010s way if I was like, a few inches taller and had a smaller, straighter nose. I mean I love my nose, it gives my face character~ but it’s such a blatant anomaly where the rest of my face is generally pretty defined. in its own way. tbh, it’s more like one of those collages you make as a kid out of magazines, and you’re too young to know what emulating picasso means, but. I think as much as I like my other features, I like them because they’re easy to like, and it’s so…y’know when you see a lil puppy, and it’s so ugly that it transcends into cuteness and you just have an overwhelming sense of affection for it? I’m like yeah. there you are. right there. I’m so typically, verging on boring type pretty, and then there you are. which I think is the main thing I like.


when u wax your upper lip but hair grows back the next day like nuH UH I did NOT conform to Eurocentric beauty standards for this shit

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A low income person can get a hold of iPhones, Jordans, they can travel (especially if they’re first generation American)

What a low income person can’t do is purchase a house, pay for college without assistance, pay serious medical bills…build wealth… like the major stuff that actually improves quality of life.

So when you ask the poor person why they have a cell phone know that you’re saying more about your ignorance about class inequality and how it functions than you are indicting their character.

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I severely misjudged the heat and how long I would be walking today, and spent a solid twenty minutes hobbling along a main road, gently crying whilst holding my shoes and two bags filled with 2litre bottles of water. and I’m pretty sure someone took a photo of me from their convertible. please inform me if I become a meme or if there’s a fundraiser in my benefit started any time soon.

I genuinely don’t understand the logic behind, “leave some things to the imagination”. like, people know what bodies look like? it’s really not that hard to visualise someone naked? what are you leaving to the imagination? what the hell do you think I have under here?


cops put shit like “It is unknown if the suspect has any gang affiliations” in press releases when it has fucking nothing to do with the case. if it is unknown how about you don’t fucking say shit because YOU DON’T KNOW. WHY ARE YOU PROCLAIMING THE ABSENCE OF INFORMATION AS INFORMATION. they literally start a smear campaign on anyone they kill as soon as the body hits the ground in order to try to justify their inhumanity. 

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Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is about

  • Nationalism
  • Racism
  • Colonialism
  • Economics
  • Land use
  • Water

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not about

  • Religion

Things the Israel/Palestine conflict is not

  • A conflict

Things it is

  • Settler colonialism
  • Military occupation
  • Genocide
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I think in the rapidity of the situation and the intensity of everyone’s blogging right now, people are forgetting to tag. like, these things need to be seen and heard, but there are really graphic photos of open bullet/pellet wounds circulating, and I know a lot who have posted usually tw for blood and that stuff?