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no one’s saying it’s bad that jon stewart is telling people about racism, it’s not bad that white people are hearing jon stewart say it as a white person, but it is worth criticizing and thinking critically about the implications of it. and it is important to be bringing up the pattern of white people only ever trusting the supposedly “unbiased” white man talk about / validate the notion that poc are experiencing racism. just like we should be critical of how some people exclusively trust (especially white) men taking feminist perspectives because they assume it’s objective and factual from a man and irrational and unreasonable from women..

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I’m just bored and sceptical as hell of white people who reblog and retweet Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert on the regular, but think the people of colour (particularly Black people) who write the content they parrot and take credit for are too sensitive, irrational, and aggressive. 

esotericcoteries replied to your post “omg, so maybe it’s different because I knew the drama that would…”

love Luis’ optimistic “what could go wrong?” followed immediately by Paul: “so much could go wrong.”

that bit made me crack up. also Mary Berry’s blatant disdain with everyone’s inventive suggestions as the judges are going around. 

omg, so maybe it’s different because I knew the drama that would unfold/melt all over the table, but the editing was so hammy. like, I could feel the tension and was on edge waiting for it to happen, but every five seconds, it was like,

it’s the hottest day of the year

the worst thing that could happen is the ice cream not setting

let’s hope nobody’s melts

I watched all the episodes of this season of GBBO last night, and I’m so disappointed. that was the most anti-climatic thing I’ve ever witnessed. everyone made it seem like Diana didn’t apologise once when the first thing she said was clearly, “sorry Iain, it’s right here”, and yeah, the you’ve got your own freezer thing was rude, but I was under the impression the word sorry was never said once? and it was? even then, his ice cream was nowhere near set before, and the amount of time it would have been in the freezer would only chill it, especially considering it was packed in with the others. I also thought Iain must have been a really great contestant in order for it to seem so ridiculous that he got sent home, but he’s clearly been at the lower end of the contestants since the beginning. I think Norman should have gone home instead, definitely, but unless Iain would have done incredibly this coming episode, he probably would have gone home after this one. I feel so bad for him, but it just wasn’t what I thought. also I thought it would be super dramatic and everyone posted photos of him where I thought he was crying, but apparently that’s just his face. he took it really well, that was sweet. Mary Berry was lovely to him at the judging panel.

anyway, I really love everyone left minus Diana (not because of icecream/bingate even though did make me gasp) and Norman. I feel so proud of Martha, and Chetna, Kate and Nancy are adorable. Richard’s a sweetheart and I love the pencil, and I feel like Luis knows his flavours so well. I did get irritated that people made comments about Chetna doing Indian flavours too much, but practically every week Luis references how his Spanish heritage has influenced his chosen bake, but he seems super talented. 


did some good tweets today i think

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whatever makes you happy and that, but you can make a post about an issue you feel strongly about without sending yourself an anonymous message pretending to be an angry stranger in order to gain notes because you totally shut that person down~

I don’t doubt the level of toxicity people are capable of putting in inboxes, but some are like…wow that message was so conveniently worded, huh?


I’m his confidant, his best friend, his cinnamon apple

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I’m weak

yesterday my sister saw Gravity would be playing on the tv tonight so we were all like, awww, let’s have a family movie night, because my sister and mum and I never watch stuff altogether. and it got ten seconds in and my mum clicked info, and she pulled a face and was like, “no thank-you” and I was like, “yeah tbh I paused GBBO in my room for this,” and my sister went, “I’m almost caught up with Pretty Little Liars”. and now we’re all in our rooms.

it was nice while it lasted.


Ok so i’ve just seen this on my timeline on twitter and quite frankly I’m angry. This is in london and the metropolitan police here are known to be racist. With all that’s going on in America right now i thought I’d shed some light on what’s happening here in the UK. While its illegal to bear arms in this country, the systematic racism and discrimination still remains against black people, men in particular. Racial profiling is an epidemic and with social media at the forefront it’s been easier to really see how often this occurs, Please re blog this and spread this on your dashboard! These racist authorities need to be exposed!

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