kinda grossed out by the anderson cooper/ frank ocean comparisons going on here interms of sexuality and coming out

like idk in case you missed out on something but there’s a fuck tonne of things working Anderson Cooper’s favour when he comes out, in comparison to the things that are working for Frank Ocean. And it’s not that Cooper’s bad or some shit because he has these things working for him- but let’s acknowledge that Anderson Cooper is

  • A Vanderbilt
  • aka White
  • also very very financially well off
  • the mainstream reps on queer folks are mainly boiled down to cis, gay white dudes
  • and that’s the imagery of a queer that much of the mainstream has grown accustomed to and has very much welcomed

In comparison to Frank Ocean who is

  • Black
  • and let’s be honest here mainstream GSM movement is very focused on the white/cis/ gay combo to the point that it actually erases people like Frank Ocean
  • And even in the process of coming out, his sexuality is still being erased because current discourse on sexuality only thinks in terms of Straight or Gay like as if no ambiguity or bisexuality exists
  • and we all know main stream society isn’t too kind to those are even remotely ambiguous
  • let alone POC

idk, it’s just problematic to call Frank Ocean’s decision to come out as “pulling and Anderson” b/c it dismisses the very important and crucial fact that our coming out experiences are very personal and very unique and shouldn’t be held like as if it is some competition to come out, especially in a  time when being queer AND being queer/ POC is still a very unsafe identity

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