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esotericcoteries said: Beauty and the Beast, The Frog Prince, and The Valiant Little Tailor xxx

Beauty and the Beast: What makes a person beautiful in your eyes?
when someone is a nice person, first and foremost. just be a good person and you’re beautiful. smiles, like, it’s impossible to look ugly when you smile no matter how weird you think your own smile is. when people show connection, like, when a person shows compassion and reaches out and when they interact with other people, and how they do it. other than that, anything goes. it’s down to each individual then because what makes someone beautiful is that thing they have that’s specific to them, and there are running themes, sure, but it’s all too unique to be able to list.

The Frog Prince: What do you find disgusting?
in a lot of cases, willful ignorance. anything along the lines of a denial of responsibility and opportunity to show compassion for the sake of saving face or owning up to shame. the word pert. when people are cruel to children - pretty much anything outside the realm of ensuring kids are safe and in healthy, loving environments. abuse of power. cockroaches. the smell whenever somebody bakes and uses too many eggs. a lot of dairy products, actually. wounds, depictions of wounds etc. that are on body parts that are particularly sensitive, like the eyes, throat, wrists, backs of knees and that. the word pert.

The Valiant Little Tailor: Do you think of yourself as brave?
tbh, I just don’t think in those terms. like, I don’t not think of myself as brave, I just take things step by step and day by day, and when you do that, it’s kind of hard to view certain events and time periods as things you showed bravery towards. they just are what they are, and you did what you did. plus anything in my life I’d consider using the term towards, any act of bravery was because that thing was worth it and I felt a responsibility to go through with, so I have a problem with turning the focus round on what I did when it’s like…the thing. the thing is important, stop clapping, look at the thing. 

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THAT JACKET (all of it but especially)

oh my goodness, I’m so in love with it. y’know when you’re so eh about all these items and then you see one and everything fades behind you and Lionel Ritchie steps out with a microphone and trained spotlight somewhere to the left? that.

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when we were in school and we had exams everyone would laugh at those science questions where the kids were called Mohammad etc. and now I look back and I’m like “not weird guys not ridiculous”

like, Mohammad (and all variations) is the most common boys name in the uk. or at least england and wales or something. it still freaks me out a little that there were so many people at uni who thought ours was some multicultural utopia, but it is what it is. it’s such a weird thing to be confronted with the realisation of how, like, a certain type of way your own upbringing and area is. especially when it’s in comparison to other people’s. 

esotericcoteries replied to your post “omg, so maybe it’s different because I knew the drama that would…”

love Luis’ optimistic “what could go wrong?” followed immediately by Paul: “so much could go wrong.”

that bit made me crack up. also Mary Berry’s blatant disdain with everyone’s inventive suggestions as the judges are going around. 

guys, look what came through the post today because Katie is an absolute angel.
(I ate all the lovehearts sweets in a rush of adrenaline and joy)
I am never taking that t-shirt off.
those are Breaking Bad bath salts. Breaking Bad bath salts.
look at her beautiful handwriting.
I am weak.

guys, look what came through the post today because Katie is an absolute angel.

(I ate all the lovehearts sweets in a rush of adrenaline and joy)

I am never taking that t-shirt off.

those are Breaking Bad bath salts. Breaking Bad bath salts.

look at her beautiful handwriting.

I am weak.

esotericcoteries said: yoooo zombie, nymph, incubus xxxxx


Zombie: Do you miss anyone right now?
aw, I miss you guys! I miss Abbeygate (everyone, actual housemate or not, not the building).

Nymph: What are you like when you’re by yourself?
asleep? half-dressed, content, occupied although not necessarily with anything impressive or productive, usually pretty energetic and dancing around to something as I go about my time. a lot more focused. I don’t know if I feel a lot more affected by stuff or it’s just a matter of having the freedom to express emotions/reactions without like, making a social situation awkward or whatever, but sad stuff seems sadder and funny stuff seems funnier.

Incubus: What would someone have to do to get in your pants?
usual response would be the same old like, have a strong jawline, wear a plain white t-shirt, etc. but seriously? right now until the unforeseeable future, like, be someone I’m in love with who I respect and know feels the same way. and know how lucky you are.


Jourdan Dunn at Christian Dior fall 2011 couture 

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esotericcoteries said: top five counties in England / top five smells / top five pieces of kitchen equipment

Top Five Counties in England:

1. I looked up counties for this but I got confused so we’ll just pretend that it’s 100% certain that the City of London is a county.

2. Greater London.

3. All counties closest to London.

4. Essex by virtue of uni but really the four? square miles I know.

5. Cumbria seems like it could be nice.

Top Five Smells:

1. Bubblegum.

2. Nero Assoluto by Cavalli.

3. All my mum’s perfumes on her scarves when it’s cold and I borrow one to wear.

4. All my loved ones. Which sounds horrific. Their perfume and shampoo and laundry detergent when I hug them, like. I just shoved my face into Katie’s shoulder and warm friend smell, love, so much love, so much warmth.

5. Can’t pick between mangos, lychees, cardamom, limes, matches when you burn them, vanilla, roast cumin, fresh coriander, nail polish, I’m just cheating now, I’ll probably edit and add fifty more, jasmine, fast food stalls at theme parks, guy sweat…

Top Five Pieces of Kitchen Equipment:

1. Chopping boards.

2. Sandwich presses.

3. Blenders.

4. Garlic crushers.

5. Lemon squeezers. 






*sucks guys dick*
*dies of nut allergy*

did you know that proteins in brazil nuts can be transmitted sexually so if someone had an allergy and the guy had eaten brazil nuts then they could literally suck dick and die of a nut allergy

now I do


the moment I knew I loved Katie and that we should be friends was when we were sitting around the kitchen table in our flat, freshers week, getting to know each other and we found out she had a nut allergy. and someone brought up this fact and that she should be careful, and she responded with, “Yeah. Just be like, “Have you had any nuts? Because I’m about to have yours.”“

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esotericcoteries said: 4, 7, 28 (hahaha), 41 aaaand 44 xxxx

4. How old do you think you’ll be when you get married?
To be honest, I’ve made with peace with the fact I’m probably gonna die alone, so the most reasonable answer I can give is like, before seventy? Hopefully?

7. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?
I think I said seven, but now I’m questioning if lounging about while my dad steered me around and thought I was paying attention counts in the first place.

28. Have you ever had Indian food?
I have, Katie.

41. How many times have you been to the hospital?
Never. I mean, when I was born, but every other time has only been to visit or accompany other people. My dad took me to A&E when I was a baby because he didn’t know what hiccups were, so maybe that? Once?

44. What’s the last compliment you got?
Some website you type your name in for compliments was like, “you are talented, beautiful and intelligent, priyanka”. Couple of hours ago.

esotericcoteries said: Hello! I tagged you because you're my friend and I feel like these questions ought to get used at least once. post/56273330245/rule-1-always-post-the-rules-rule-2-answer. If that's how you link things? xxxxx

Okay, so this is the thing where we tag people, but I’m still despicable, so. Yeah.

1. Which house do you feel the strongest allegiance to in A Song of Ice and Fire?
I don’t watch/read that stuff. I don’t care for any of them from what I know, either, but I know Sansa? likes lemon cakes or something, so I can go for that.

2. What’s your favourite colour? Why?
Orange! Pink and gold are close behind though. I just like how it looks, and the vibrancy and warmth.

3. Talk about a day you didn’t think you’d make it through.
I don’t think I’ve ever really had one, which is nice. There was that one time in secondary school we had to do a sponsored walk around some park for six hours, in the freezing cold and pouring rain, dressed for hot weather. I’m pretty sure I rang my mum at work and told her to find me in the ICU if I wasn’t home by 4.

4. What was your first job? Did you love it? Why did you leave? Or are you still there? Or have you never had one? How come?
Helping out at a hairdressers. It was alright, I left because the woman who ran the place only needed me for a week (I did a small work experience slot, and we got on, so she asked if I wanted to stay for several more days voluntarily but ended up paying me).

5. What’s your favourite type of bean?
I don’t think I have a favourite. I guess kidney beans.

6. How often do you do things you don’t want to? Why?
I’m actually not sure. I know everything I’d like to do/be doing, but there’s a lot of compromise just existing with other people, so I’d say pretty regularly. Only not really because I’m indifferent to doing those things as opposed to actively not wanting to do them. Not often, then.

7. What’s your party trick?
Abandoning friends at the speed of light if a song I like comes on.

8. What’s a song that always makes you happy?

9. Have you ever broken a bone? Had major surgery?
Nope x2  edit: that was meant to mean no for both questions but now it just looks like a really ugly emoticon

10. What do you think of your first name?
It’s definitely grown on me. It’s not a favourite, but I can’t see anything else suiting.

11. What’s a book you’ve always been meaning to read, but haven’t read yet?
There aren’t any, actually. There are books I want to read, but I don’t really leave that much time between deciding I want to read something and reading it. Oh, the books for my course, probably. From 2011.

Oh! he has a good voice and I like his facial expressions…he has my vote. I’d like a doctor who isn’t an eccentric skinny white man. I’d also like a companion who isn’t a tall thin 20-something lady… We can only hope.

I just find it unbelievable that this guy can regenerate into any passable human-looking thing, yet eleven times in a row, it’s followed the same template, give or take a few years. And a regional accent.