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"Just checking txts r working. dnt text back because i wont reply. hv nice day. mum."

It’s my sister’s birthday next Saturday, and her and my mother haven’t been talking for almost two weeks. My mum wants to buy her an iPad regardless.

(over the phone)

Me: So…you do know she doesn’t want any of that sort of stuff.
Mum: You don’t know that.
Me: Right, because her telling me wasn’t a sign or anything.
Mum: How can you not want one? I want one. If she doesn’t want it, I’ll use it.
Me: Why don’t you just ask her what she wants?  
Mum: As if I’m speaking to her.
Me: Meaning you’re going to fork out money on a present that’ll go to waste instead of taking five seconds to ask her if she wants anything she’ll actually enjoy?
Mum: Do your revision. (hangs up)